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Trumpet Discussion Discuss blowing out flame w/tone? in the General forums; Al Hirt proved to me that he could do it (and blow out a match flame by producing a tone ...
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    blowing out flame w/tone?

    Al Hirt proved to me that he could do it (and blow out a match flame by producing a tone through his trumpet). - the bugleboy

    Does anyone know how to do this? It's kind of a gimmick but I'd like to learn anyway.
    What tone is it and how you achieve it would be helpful...

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    Re: blowing out flame w/tone?

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    Re: blowing out flame w/tone?

    I don't really think it would matter what kind of a tone, it's more of how much air you use to do it, and it would have to be a lot.

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    Re: blowing out flame w/tone?

    The only way that I can imagine this is to find a tone that is particularly inefficient. There less air would be turned into sound and would be available for knocking out the flame.

    Our resident physics teacher and ace trumpeter Nick Drozdoff probably can come up with a solution.
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