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Trumpet Discussion Discuss blowing raspberries in the General forums; Originally Posted by CaptainBalrog Hi, Just to update. I donít want to kick off a familiar debate here but Iíve ...
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    Re: blowing raspberries

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainBalrog View Post
    Just to update.
    I donít want to kick off a familiar debate here but Iíve never been into mouthpiece or lip buzzing. In face I CANíT lip buzz for some reason.
    Having said that I read on here that mouthpiece buzzing can help with achieving a more relaxed embouchure so I thought I might as well give it a shot. I devoted an hour each day to mouthpiece buzzing. Donít get complaints from neighbours about that so I can do as much as I want really.
    Already I have found that it has cured the dreaded raspberry problem. My aperture feels more open and indeed my embouchure feels much more relaxed. Even my tone seems better.
    I know the views of an amateur are not well received on here but just for any other amateurs out there that have had the same problem I thought Iíd post what worked for me.
    Thanks for posting that, captain.
    Mouthpiece buzzing is a quite controversial technique. For some trumpeters it helps a lot. Glad it's your case. Keep on buzzing!

    Hey! I'm an humble amateur!
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    Re: blowing raspberries

    Some may call me persnickety, but IMO I wouldn't waste my time tutoring, or that of a student, if all the time they could devote to at home practice is 40 minutes a day, at least 6 days a week. Even now, I personally attempt to do three times as much actual lip time practicing, and that is on a regimen of alternating 30 minutes playing with 15 minutes rest. The lapse of time required to be set aside for such totals 2 hours, 45 minutes. Diagnosed with COPD, on a day to day basis, I'm now not able to meet this criteria, but that is the goal I set and attempt to achieve it as often as possible.

    Until I determine otherwise, at my tutoring sessions, a student alternates 20 minutes playing, with 20 minutes rest, for a total of 1 hour playing and a time lapse of 1 hour, 40 minutes.

    To be sure, I don't have many students who want such tutoring and will dedicate the time, or in the instance of a minor, parents that are supportive of such, but those that do I've found do very well, and if they didn't I wouldn't continue tutoring them.

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    Re: blowing raspberries

    CaptainBalrog, I think 40 minutes is fine for starters. Ideally you will discover that playing the trumpet turns into so much pleasure that you'll automatically want to spend more time playing.

    As to the "raspberries," without hearing you play it is really next to impossible to tell you what causes them over the internet. However, I have my suspicions what is causing them (which I won't relate at this time). I do have a powerful cure, though. Since they don't happen all the time, practice making them come at will. Counter-intuitive, but teach yourself to make these raspberries whenever you want. When you can do that, examine what you are doing to make them on command. Knowing that, just don't do it anymore.

    Please keep us posted!
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    Re: blowing raspberries

    I can find no fault with the previous posters as regards the raspberry. But with regard to your practice routine - don't worry about the time you take. As long as you practice efficiently, 40 minutes is heaps of time.
    And to alleviate the neighbours problem: Try and find a community band to join, and ask them whether you can use the rehearsal room for practice during the week. Usually, they can find some way of accommodating members' needs.

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    Re: blowing raspberries

    IMO, I believe a true beginning starter will do as much harm in 40 minutes of continuous playing and not get as much benefit as they would alternating play 20 minutes, rest 20 minutes. To say 40 minutes continuously playing efficiently, I doubt very few pros can do so, let alone a beginning starter or comebacker. Putting aside my COPD, I wouldn't even attempt it, and otherwise I know of no song or etude that is that long. What it all boils down to, is the less one practices, the slower progress toward goals is attained.
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