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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Booker Little in the General forums; As I was researching players and their horns last night, I read that Booker Little played and Olds Recording and ...
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    Booker Little

    As I was researching players and their horns last night, I read that Booker Little played and Olds Recording and did a search on him and ended up purchasing his last album, Booker Little and friend. Too bad he died so young. Really enjoying his playing. Wanted to post here about him to let others who made not heard of him get a chance to listen.

    Booker Little -If I Should Loe You- - YouTube

    Booker Little Quintet - Man of Words / Hazy Blues - YouTube
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    Re: Booker Little

    Booker Little was amazing.

    His cousin was also a fantastic trumpet player
    Louis Smith (musician) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    You can see his stuff on youtube. He is still around and playing.
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    Re: Booker Little

    Booker Little was very cool!
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    Re: Booker Little

    I enjoy listening to Booker Little, a great recomendation.

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