I've taken a little break from eBay recently, but I've now placed back up for sale a
few items:

Courting the Upper Register (auction #3752288682)- Presents altered versions of
famous orchestral and classical solo excerpts and presents them in numerous keys
that ascend into the upper register. All pieces work their way up to at least high
C, with many going to Eb, F, and G. Presents the upper register in a musical
fashion, not just playing scales and arpeggios.

C.U.R. II - JAZZ (auction #3752288576) - Like the above, but with jazz tunes.
Includes two accompaniment CDs. 21 etudes, over 70 pages.

Haydn Concerto in Bb concert (auction # 3752288624)
Hummel Concerto in Bb concert (auction# 3752288731)- Both of these are direct
transpositions of the solo parts with no alterations (the accompaniment piano part
is heavily altered and simplified). This way, you learn the part as you would
eventually play it on the Eb trumpet. Each comes with an accompaniment CD.

Brass quintet PDF files (auction #3752288771) - reduced price on scores and parts
($3.00 each song - you can NOT beat this price!)

For more info and many sound files from these, visit the StewMuse Publications website


Michael Stewart, DMA