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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Braces... in the General forums; Great Advice Larry! I too had braces in high school and had a plentiful supply of wax to put in ...
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    Re: Braces...

    Great Advice Larry! I too had braces in high school and had a plentiful supply of wax to put in on the top row on my front two teeth. I did eventually get some range back, but my playing when the braces came off was (after an adjustment period) MUCH BETTER.

    Hang in there! When they come off, my teacher put me on the Colin Lip Flexibility studies...which worked out great. Eventually became my college lead player with a Jazz scholarship. You can do it!!!

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    Re: Braces...

    I got my braces about nine months ago. For me it wasnt as drastic of a transistion as i thought but it took me a lilttle bit to get used to. Why not use wax? I use wax almost everytime i play, sometimes if im just warming up i wont. I can play with or without but i dont want to get a calus or anything on the inside of my lips.

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    Re: Braces...

    Quote Originally Posted by tpsiebs View Post
    It is a good though but I can think of two reasons:
    1) They are not for all sorts of orthodontic situations and;
    2) They are not reimbursed by many insurance plans.

    I know that there are kids who dive into the garbage pails at school to retrieve lost retainers. I can only imagine the factor by which you would multiply in order to fetch those missing Invisaligns!! Yuck.

    There is a removable brace that is good for all of the orthodontic situations which are currently treated by fixed braces. It is not the invisalign, it is the SOMA appliance
    SOMA information | Wholistic Dentistry
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    Jaeger Trumpets, Cornets and Mouthpieces

    Please do not attempt any repairs unless you have appropriate technical proficiency

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