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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Brain fried! ROWUK! in the General forums; Originally Posted by G-man- Rowuk has been playing for what, 45 years? To me that is a seasoned player who ...
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    Re: Brain fried! ROWUK!

    Quote Originally Posted by G-man- View Post
    Rowuk has been playing for what, 45 years?

    To me that is a seasoned player who would know how to help due to the huge amount of experience.

    For me the problem is, I get 2 sides to the story

    1: "Stop analyzing things so much and just play"
    2: "Your embouchure is wrong and that is why you can only play for 5-10 min middle C-4th space E"

    WOW - I can't believe I am coming to Rowuk's defense --he is perfectly capable of answering for himself..... Hey, calm down, take a deep breath, and relax. Rowuk and many others here may have played a long time---BUT CLEARLY INTERNET analysis of your playing is probably NOT the best source of embouchure help. AND when I or someone else (LIKE ROWUK) explains something --- WE (rowuk ole buddy, ole pal, and I) are merely illustrating our experience, and our viewpoint. ------IT IS NOT always easily conveyed over electronic media -- in just plain words --- in my opinion that is. so you should give Rowuk a break ---- poor old fella anyhow!!!!!
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    Re: Brain fried! ROWUK!

    What I meant by the title was, My brain is fried... Rowuk are you able to help?

    Sorry if that came across wrong in the heading.

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    Re: Brain fried! ROWUK!

    I understood the title. I am also a sensitive guy!
    Knowledge is freedom, and ignorance is slavery - Miles Davis

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    Re: Brain fried! ROWUK!

    Quote Originally Posted by tobylou8 View Post
    I understood the title. I am also a sensitive guy!


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    I was playing once and afterwards, a little boy approached me and stated that he played the trumpet. I asked, "Do you play like I do?" and he replied, "I used to."

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    Re: Brain fried! ROWUK!

    Hi there! The way you learned to play high notes was the way it was taught to me back in grade school, back in the 1970’s. I remember having books that were full of pictures of students doing what you describe. Uhhh…. THIS IS WRONG!! LOL! As an earlier post in this thread mentioned, you need to find a trumpet player/teacher and learn some real technique. Be encouraged! It sounds like you have musical talent and interest; a teacher will be able to take you to the levels you need to be able to perform what it is you want. Good luck!

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