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    Breath technique masters

    Who would you go to watch just to see their breathing technique(if anyone)?

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    Re: Breath technique masters

    Seriously, Louis Bellson. Sadly he has passed, but if you can watch his videos, watch his breathing as he phrases his drums. He used Aikido for his breathing technique and is gifted at using this technique in plaing his set. I find the same works well for trumpet. I had the great fortune of seeing him up close and personal when backing him up on big band tours. I was on risers right next to him looking down on him as he played. I had the best seat in the house!
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    Re: Breath technique masters

    David Blaine... the magician/illusionist. He can go without breathing for 7 minutes. It is a training thing, there are exercises you can do to improve how your body processes oxygen.

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    Re: Breath technique masters

    Doc Severinsen , even at 84!
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    Re: Breath technique masters

    Doc Severinsen , even at 84!
    +1 on that. I think it's a good idea to look attentively at any player who is good and quite old. A lot of the ways we can use to compensate for subpar breathing/technique are no longer available to them so they have to do it right.

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    Re: Breath technique masters

    Watching is USELESS. You never see what is really going on in a video. That is why I don't recommend internet lessons. There are so many clues when you are standing next to someone!
    Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

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