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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Breathing from the diaphragm... in the General forums; Originally Posted by tedh1951 Because it is NOT red like VBs. You seem to have the alternate colour (color), the ...
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    Re: Breathing from the diaphragm...

    Quote Originally Posted by tedh1951 View Post
    Because it is NOT red like VBs. You seem to have the alternate colour (color),
    the Green Cloud Ray of Power.


    To help with the young mans question though... there is a ton of breathing information already posted on this site... go up to the search engine and do a search for "circle of breath" when you get to a post written by ROWUK... read it carefully... then apply it. Just keep in mind, nothing is going to be fixed over night... it is going to take alot of practice and up keep on your part! But as long as you have fun with it... you will do fine!!

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    Re: Breathing from the diaphragm...

    From Fourth Chakra - Heart Chakra - Green - New Age

    "The heart chakra is the fourth chakra, and is represented by the color green. In some people who have developed the ability to be unconditionally loving, the heart chakra becomes a rosy pink. This is the chakra of love, romance, relationships and communication.

    If your heart chakra is healthy, you will both be able to empathize with others as well as accept love and friendship into your own life. You will have good friends who you get along with, and will be able to form loving relationships. You will also be compassionate towards yourself.

    If your heart chakra is unhealthy, you will have trouble maintaining friendships and finding love. It might be that you feel lonely or are hard on yourself. It might also be that you are obsessive and domineering, or closed off, 'cold hearted'.

    To help open your heart chakra, try working with green stones such as jade or aventurine. To be kinder and more loving towards yourself try rose quartz or mangano calcite. See a beautiful pink flower opening at your heart. Rose and geranium essential oil can help here. This will help draw friendship and romance into your world.

    If the problem is that you are jealous or possessive it's time to cool things down. Interestingly, because this is the central chakra, you also use green to bring it down as well - your aim here is to focus more on the love, and less on the control. You need to learn to trust. You may sometimes feel too sensitive. At these times visualise the pink flower gently closing for a while, but don't leave it closed, it is important we all learn to work from the heart."

    As Zappa said: "I ain't got no heart to give away..."

    Double C's aren't green.
    "A tool good enough to be so used and not too good"
    C.S. Lewis That Hideous Strength

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    Re: Breathing from the diaphragm...

    this is something that a decent teacher can get you doing in 5 minutes (and then beat you up for 6 months because the body is "resistent").
    I am a strong believer in NOT trying to solve breathing issues alone. The success rate is just too low.

    My "Ray of Power" is not located where the sun does not shine. It is between my ears and helps me read sheet music in the dark churches here in Europe. It being on constant, prominent display does cause problems with people that think it is my ego................
    Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

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    Re: Breathing from the diaphragm...

    Shoulders and chest be relaxed and not moving when taking in air.breathe deeply using your diaphragm muscles, your stomach should expand some, then push the air gently at first using your Abs until you start hearing improvement.

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    Re: Breathing from the diaphragm...

    thanx for all your help guys. sorry i didn't write back, i was away on business.

    i managed to take a little from all of your posts and i think i'm getting the hang of it. for the most part it is an improvement and i feel my endurance increasing, but i do still use my neck and throat to squeeze out those high notes. i practiced in front of a mirror last night and could see at what point i stop using my diaphragm and start forcing the notes out with alternat ways.

    and don't feel bad et mike, my ray of power smelled like burnt rubber and onions!!

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