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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Bugle call question in the General forums; (This is kind of a music theory question, but anyway...) I bought a bugle yesterday in celebration of finishing writing ...
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    Bugle call question

    (This is kind of a music theory question, but anyway...)

    I bought a bugle yesterday in celebration of finishing writing a book. It can sit on the desk in my home office ready for play at any moment, which should make practicing easier. I also like the idea of working within constraints - no valves means focusing on fewer things - and music that's relatively easy to memorize.

    After playing Taps and Call to the Post a lot of times, I picked up Daniel Canty's "Bugle Signals, Calls & Marches for Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Revenue Cutter Service & National Guard". It has about 210 pieces in it, so will keep me busy for a while.

    Buglers traditionally play five notes, indicated here as Low C, Low G, Middle C, Middle E, and High G. (The bugle's in G but I'm not worrying about that for now.)

    The calls, though, almost exclusively use four notes. Low C gets used in 8 of 210 calls, if I'm counting right, and then sparingly.

    Is there a reason the Low C is so thoroughly shunned? It's a larger interval, but not discordant. Maybe the low note doesn't carry as well?

    Just curious!
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    Re: Bugle call question

    Very true that low Cs don't' carry well, and it is more difficult to initiate them in the forte. Too, a U.S. Reg bugle in G doesn't carry as well as one in Bb the latter as in now exclusively used at Arlington National Cemetery. Don't know the specs on a Jupiter Brig bugle in G. Great bugle book however.

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