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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Bugle tricks. in the General forums; Are there any? Tricks to playing one better? Or is it just practice...
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    Bugle tricks.

    Are there any? Tricks to playing one better? Or is it just practice
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    Re: Bugle tricks.

    Basically the same tricks you use playing trumpet. Of course, trick #1 is having a decent bugle and mouthpiece.
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    Re: Bugle tricks.

    That's trick #2. Trick #1 is learning to play...
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    Re: Bugle tricks.

    Quote Originally Posted by barliman2001 View Post
    That's trick #2. Trick #1 is learning to play...
    Trick #0 - having a decent bugle to learn on
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    Re: Bugle tricks.

    Practice and playing next to a better Bugler. Listen and learn.

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    Re: Bugle tricks.

    When I get mine back from Charlie Melk, I'll let you know!


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    Re: Bugle tricks.

    Blow into the small end. End lesson.
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