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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Building Range in the General forums; What are some of the best exercises that help build range. My current range is A on top of the ...
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    Building Range

    What are some of the best exercises that help build range. My current range is A on top of the staff and I'm going to at least be able to have play C on top of that for marching band this coming August. Any help?

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    Re: Building Range

    There are some really effective, specific exercises out there, but without a teacher you might not only mess up your chops but your thinking as well.

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    Re: Building Range

    Slurs and scales and lots of them!

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    Re: Building Range

    Practice Irons, HL Clarke, Caruso... Range takes time, so consistent practice over time should yield results. Of course lessons, etc. can be useful to make sure that you are performing exercises as intended.
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    Re: Building Range

    I believe that by fall you can probably build your range up to a C, but for me it was more of a mental thing. I had to learn to relax and focus. I had the power-air wise, and my chops were solid, and once I started seeing high notes as just notes, not a challenge, I was able to relax and play them as full and well as notes in the staff... For me it also came from practicing songs that were slightly higher then what I was comfortable with. I never pushed myself, and kept it as a small part of my routine, and slowly with hard work, and practice (controlled, over-doing it set me back) I gained my range-and with braces.
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    Re: Building Range

    Practice at least an hour or more a day. DO NOT overpractice. Rest enough to build your lips up in an intelligent fashion. Really if you focus on pages of Arbans, tonguing, and various excercises you will build range without deliberately trying.

    Watching videos has helped me tremendously. (only takes a monette and Adam Rapa as a teacher and you can be amazing)

    After watching the above video, my seven year old played G whole notes above the staff quite well. This is the first time he ever did that. He was moving his body around like Adam did in the video. I drill him in breathing, as you know this is one of our main problems as trumpet players...proper breathing.

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    Re: Building Range

    Hers a link to this oft discussed topic. I'm feeling lazy and didn't want to type my entire response, plus there was some other good info in there. Tobylou! (Good Range Methods)

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    Re: Building Range

    Quote Originally Posted by trumpetaddict View Post
    What are some of the best exercises that help build range. My current range is A on top of the staff and I'm going to at least be able to have play C on top of that for marching band this coming August. Any help?
    Practice, practice, practice.

    You're a kid, so you should be able to find 2 - 3 hours every day to practice. Some in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Buy/borrow Arban's, Clarke, Colin, etc. books and play scales, exercises, slurs, and everything else.

    High C isn't really all that high, so regular practice can easily get you there by summer.

    VB is correct as usual that a teacher can really help.

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    Re: Building Range

    +1 for Irons...

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    Re: Building Range

    Adding on to everybody else's responses...

    Practice in the "lower" register just as much (actually more) as you do in the "high" register. Building your chops in general will help you play in the upper range. If you just try to push out notes above the staff when you practice, you won't go anywhere too will help, but don't focus ALL your attention up there!

    If you practice (good practice that is) all over the trumpet range, your chops will build up and before you know it, you'll be able to get those notes out easier!

    Good luck,
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