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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Building A Studio in the General forums; I'm sure this topic has come up before, but here goes... I just moved to a new area (Minneapolis) for ...
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    Building A Studio

    I'm sure this topic has come up before, but here goes... I just moved to a new area (Minneapolis) for grad school after graduating with an undergraduate performance degree. I would really like to begin teaching privately, but I'm not sure about how to build a studio. Does anyone have any suggestions? (I feel like a degree in advertising/marketing would come in handy right about now).
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    I would also be curious to here some suggestions. I have sent letters out to about 14 local districts along with a resume. I perform in the area as much as I can, mainly in groups so most people haven't really heard my individual playing. I think being in with a college is really helpfull, which I'm hoping. I'm doing the Haydn with my local orchestra so I also hope that helps. I have met many band directors in the area but I'm just not having much luck. I had a nice size studio in Maine but boy it's been rough down here!!

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