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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Building Up in the General forums; This may sound like a childish question but I just want to know if anyone here can tell me what ...
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    Building Up

    This may sound like a childish question but I just want to know if anyone here can tell me what I should do to build my range and endurance. I know many of you will say that I should be working on tone and technique but I want to teach myself to be a "screamer". I do already have a fairly good tone and technique(theres always room for improvement) but my range is not so great. I recently got braces and they have been a big hindrance to me (I basically had to relearn.) My range now is only about a G, an A on a good day. I cant even HIT a note above a C (2nd ledger above). I'm just a sophmore in high school, so I have a couple years left before I move on to play at college (and I am going to.) So, if anyone can help me at all, give me advice or maybe lead me to a good book, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

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    Re: Building Up

    Lip Slurs helped me play the Eb needed for Haydn Also helped with double high G needed for West side story. Play G in the staff with 1 and 3 fingering. Then use your lips to slur up to B without changing your fingering. Repeat this on 2 3, 1 2, 1, 2,and 0 you will always be sluring up. Play loud and try to increase speed if you can. Good Luck

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