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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Building up a network in the General forums; Hey TM, This afternoon, the other trumpet player of our Chicago musical production called me and the director, and told ...
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    Building up a network

    Hey TM,

    This afternoon, the other trumpet player of our Chicago musical production called me and the director, and told me that he had an accident and got pneumothorax, I believe it's called that in English, it's something when one of your lungs has collapsed causing in severe pain and breathing issues (Docs here, please confirm), and as I speak, he is in surgury and after that he can't play for 6 weeks, while our production plays in 3 weeks, so our director was (obviously) desperate. She didn't know any trumpet players that could substitute him because she's not from around here, and completely panicked. Luckily I am from around here, and have build up quite a network of musicians and trumpet players, and texted and/or called about 50 trumpet players. I found a substitute within an hour, and my director (and the rest of the production) is relieved by that.

    Now you have to understand, this is not a orchestra with proffesional musicians, we all do it for free, though we are a pretty good orchestra, so just hiring somebody wasn't really an option, only a last resort, because we are over our budget already (Those actors apparantly need clothes and mics and make-up and a lot more), so gladly this worked out.

    My point is, as a musician, try to get bonds with as much musicians as possible to build up a network, since this will come in handy, and when it's necessary to use it, you'll be the saviour of the orchestra. So, when you've come across a musician, just switch numbers or e-mail, because this will come in handy. Personally I have a little contactbook (digital and analog) which is stuffed with names and numbers that might come in handy.

    Did some of you ever ran across such a problem?

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    Re: Building up a network

    It's a great idea, but the downside is that not many will play such a show without being paid, and such is not just the run of the show, but all the rehearsals for it. That's a heavy time commitment. Musicians too have expenses.

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