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Trumpet Discussion Discuss A burning question in the General forums; Manny- Maybe you know the answer to this... While doing my daily warm ups this am, I went to Arban ...
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    A burning question

    Maybe you know the answer to this...
    While doing my daily warm ups this am, I went to Arban lip slurs. As I was doing them, my mind began to wander (" of little discipline") and I noticed that Arban does not make use of the 123 combination. I never noticed this before. One could add it in at the beginning and at appropriate places in the chromatic series I assume, but, there must have been a reason he left it out (other than it's not in tune... 1 & 3 are bad and he uses that). When my corners began their protest, I decided to let them win and give them a rest and see if I could look it up in the text. There is nothing there.

    Any idea why?

    Ok...back to it.
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    Re: A burning question

    I do that all the time, Glenn. I add the 123 combo wherever it fits. As to why Arban didn't do it, I could only speculate but we wouldn't know for sure.


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    Re: A burning question

    Seven is an odd number. The same lick transposed six times is way easier for the engraver to fit between the margins -- with seven, you get messy line breaks and it's harder to read.

    I like the books where you get it once, and then are asked to play it in all the other positions. Saves paper, which saves trees, which can then be used for bio-fuel for our Hummers.
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