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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Buzzing in the General forums; Originally Posted by sinfoniantrumpeter Originally Posted by Lawler Bb Hey man, he stated his opinion and you stated yours. Let ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sinfoniantrumpeter
    Quote Originally Posted by Lawler Bb
    Hey man, he stated his opinion and you stated yours. Let it go at that. I happen to think that buzzing is beneficial too, but do whatever you need to do to improve. If it's not helping to buzz, do something else!
    I also happen to think it's beneficial. But, buzzing incorrectly can also cause you a lot of problems. It would be much better never to buzz than to screw up your playing.
    Hence why I suggested learning how to buzz efficiently. If you don't know how to something correctly you don't just give up on it, especially if it will benefit you in the long run. Would I recommend continuing to buzz in the same way he is currently? No. But his post was an attempt to learn how to buzz efficiently (at least that's the way I interpreted it).

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    Re: buzzing

    Quote Originally Posted by NickD
    I used to have a book out which was based on lip buzzing. I have changed some things in the way I play, but I still stand by lip buzzing. Rather than make a long post here, I have re-posted a sound file I made on this subject a couple of years ago. It is an audio demo of how I trained myself to do lip buzzing. What was important to me was making sure that my lip buzzing formation was not too different from the way I play. I call it a Peel Away Exercise. I'll leave this file up for a few days. It is downloadable. I'll need to take it down in a few days as may not like this file. Here's the link:

    Mouthpiece Peel Away Exercise

    I hope this helps. It works for me, fwiiw.

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    Nothing I can say that hasn't been said...

    listen to Glenn and Manny and you'll do fine..

    I can't begin to explain how beneficial buzzing has been to my playing. Done correctly; it will take your playing to new places...
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