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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Buzzing sounds like a fart.. in the General forums; I certainly sounded like a fart when I first started to play. Some say I now sound like an Old ...
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    Re: Buzzing sounds like a fart..

    I certainly sounded like a fart when I first started to play.

    Some say I now sound like an Old Fart trying to play.

    Hang in there, wonky teeth can be wonderful - just look at the young Jon Faddis.

    Keep us informed of your progress, and keep practicing.
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    Re: Buzzing sounds like a fart..

    TM is such a wonderful place full of supportive people
    ~What a wonderful world.
    -Louis Armstrong
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    Re: Buzzing sounds like a fart..

    I would just add a caveat about photos. They're not always what they seem. I'm sure some readers are familiar with the screwy, un-uniform photos in the Farkas book. The point is that, un-uniform and weird as some of them looked, they all belonged to players who could play . Additionally, my first reaction to a glance at the first photo above was that it was essentially a rolled-in embouchure, one that is not uniformly suggested. The moral being that photos can be helpful . . . or not.

    OP, you post that you saw videos with buzzing, but I wonder at what pitch level these examples were. Is it possible that you are trying to buzz too high, and that, in comparison, your own buzzing is a bit low and therefore sounds "farty" sounding?
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