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Trumpet Discussion Discuss which C is it? in the General forums; I agree with Al's comments. Once I've played my G on top of the top line of the staff, I ...
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    Re: which C is it?

    I agree with Al's comments. Once I've played my G on top of the top line of the staff, I feel I've entered "upper register" territory with the A. My lips are in the "high C" mode, as the A is first and second valves and the high C is open, then it's up to high G, then it's a double A.

    (Like I've got to worry what to call a double A as if I could play it!!)

    Oh Great Double C, where are you??????
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    Re: which C is it?

    Quote Originally Posted by Al Innella View Post
    If low A is below the staff and middle A is in the the staff and high A is above the staff then what do you call an A above high C? I always called it a double A because once we play our low ,middle and high F#s Gs and on up is when we enter our double register, If I`m asked to play a high Bb I play the one above the staff not the one an octave higher ,that would be a double high Bb , we have our low ,middle, high , then our double highs.
    I would think like this, C,d,e,f,g,a,b=Very low, then one note higher to C,d,e,f,g,a,b=Low, then one note higher to C(tuning)d,e,f,g,a,b=Middle, then C(high)d,e,f,g,a,b=High, and lastly the Dubba C.

    Confusing? Maybe I'm confused, either way I'm tired!haha
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    Re: which C is it?

    I give up...

    You guys call it whatever you want.

    As a working professional lead player I'll call it what works for me.

    I'm outta this one!

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    Re: which C is it?

    Wait, wait... if you take the A, mulitply by 440hz... then divide by.... no, no, that's not right... I'm with Solar Bell, I'll keep callin' it what I do and y'all keep doin' y'all's things. Lol. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
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