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Trumpet Discussion Discuss C Trumpets for a Trumpet Player, whats the use? in the General forums; The Flugel was the last one I bought. I got it because an organist I was playing for demanded it. ...
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    Re: C Trumpets for a Trumpet Player, whats the use?

    The Flugel was the last one I bought. I got it because an organist I was playing for demanded it. After I bought it, the organist quit his job and the flugel just sat there.

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    Re: C Trumpets for a Trumpet Player, whats the use?

    Quote Originally Posted by rowuk View Post
    Pictures does not need a Bb,C and Picc. Back when Ravel orchestrated it, the highest pitched trumpet commonly in use was a D. The part is written only in C and can be played front to back that way. Many assume that Shmuyle is a scrawny, extremely poor, starving, whiny man and Samuel Goldenberg is a big, fat, rich, person with a deep voice. To augment the difference, Ravel had the Schmuyle part orchestrated with a straight mute. Many wimp out and use the piccolo for this. I think the pic sound is too cold and clear to simulate the beggars that I have met (there are plenty around just about any big train station in Germany). A C or D trumpet puts the necessary fear in the orchestral trumpet players mind to play this the way it was meant.

    Not all trumpets have intonation problems that require consistent use of alternate fingerings. The traditional Bachs sure do though!
    I believe one person on this thread mentioned a brass only version. I recall the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble recording of Pictures (on vinyl, so it has been a while since I've heard it). Pic was appropriate in replacing other high parts.

    As to wimping out, Phil Smith (NY Phil) uses a pic on for the Schmuyle part in his trumpet excerpts recording.

    If I could wimp out like him, I'd be rather pleased with myself.

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    Re: C Trumpets for a Trumpet Player, whats the use?

    Quote Originally Posted by rowuk View Post
    Even the first valved trumpets just got a valve pushed to "transpose" the horn.
    This is entirely accurate; however, modern trumpets do the same thing. When we press down a valve, we are changing the length of the horn placing it in a different harmonic series thereby "transposing" the horn. Valves aren't miracle things that allow you to play notes without "transposing" the horn. We have a Bb trumpet that can be "transposed" into any key we want by changing what valves we press down, what makes it a Bb is that the natural length of the trumpet, the open valve combination, has a fundamental overtone of Bb.

    Quote Originally Posted by jdostie View Post
    And leave cornet out altogether, or after the flugel? I'm really coming to like the sound of a cornet - of course when I could use one . . . I guess that depends on who you are playing with/what you are playing...
    Cornet is a great instrument that is extremely versatile. Canadian Brass has been known to use one trumpet and one cornet in many charts they play. Bud Herseth played on an 1886 cornet with a flugel mouthpiece in many pieces. There is a video on youtube of him backstage talking to James Dooley about playing an off-stage trumpet solo on it. To this day, Warren Vache still does all of his jazz recordings on a Yamaha cornet. Cornet is also played in the Jack Daniel's Silver Cornet Band, no trumpets allowed. Gerard Schwarz is another cornet example who played cornet in the New York Philharmonic.
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