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Trumpet Discussion Discuss A call to arms in the General forums; I am a street musician. I don't pretend to make a living, however I consider it my primary occupation. I ...
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    A call to arms

    I am a street musician.
    I don't pretend to make a living, however I consider it my primary occupation.
    I have performed all over the western states and have one profound observation.
    There are a lot of people out there, particularly children,

    This is a call to arms, my friends.
    Take your horns, go outside, and PLAY FOR THE PEOPLE.
    Try to find somewhere there are children and try to make glorious sound,regardless of your skill level.
    The musical seeds planted may help to remediate our decaying western culture.

    Craig Nelson

    The perfect man has no self; the holy man has no merit; the sage has no fame.(Chang Tsu)

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    Re: A call to arms

    Sometimes I play at lunchtime next to a playground.
    The kindergarten teacher has marched the kids up to watch me play. It's beautiful to see their fascination with the trumpet.

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    Re: A call to arms

    Craig makes a great point. Kids today (I sound like my parents) are often too busy playing video games or text messaging to even know which instrument is which. At my show, children come down to the egde of the stage, look down and can't believe that there are actually live people playing the music. Then, they'll usually point to a trombone and call it a tuba, or a clarinet and call it a flute. They just don't know any better. Sure, parenting is a big part of it, but we (as musicians) can do our part to educate today's public.

    Bravo to Craig & Billy for teaching kids just by being out there playing their instruments. This is something we should all do more of.

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