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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Callichio Trumpet Stolen in the General forums; Hey man sorry to hear about this. I'll keep an eye out for it too. Kujo...
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    Re: Callichio Trumpet Stolen

    Hey man sorry to hear about this. I'll keep an eye out for it too.

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    Re: Callichio Trumpet Stolen

    Quote Originally Posted by D.Joy View Post
    Just Bumping this another time....D.Joy
    Still not recovered after 3 years!! That's horrible.

    Do you have any suspects?

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    Re: Callichio Trumpet Stolen

    Shhhh!!! We have the #. Best way to catch a thief is to wait and not publicise it more than necessary. We all scan the web for old horns, mostly ebay but other sites as well. Which reminds me, how'bout a sticky for stolen horns????

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    Re: Callichio Trumpet Stolen

    Just replied to your email. The Callichio that I had, has a serial in the #7xxx's. My horns were also stolen back in August. Smashed my passenger window while I was eating lunch and grabbed my quad case. There was also another trumpet players Bb stolen from the college he taught at, while he was teaching. Left his studio door open, walked down the hall to dismiss a class, came back and horn was gone. A week later at the same community college, a cello teacher had her instrument taken. I've heard more horror stories over the past year than I care to think about. I would be interested to hear if any of these are recovered. I scowered ebay, craigslist and the newspaper for a couple of months and didnt see anything :(

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    Re: Callichio Trumpet Stolen


    Sorry to hear about your experience. I had a trumpet stolen from an apartment many years ago. Other things were taken so the trumpet obviously wasn't targeted. I never got it back (probably sold it cheap somewhere). Good luck.


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