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Trumpet Discussion Discuss can someone help this child? in the General forums; He's alergic to nickel and a lot of trumpets are made of that so that is why I asked ...
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    can someone help this child?

    He's alergic to nickel and a lot of trumpets are made of that so that is why I asked about percussion. I'm just confused on what to recomend.
    Thanks for reading, Molly
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    what trumpets are made out of nikel? hell be alright as long as he doesnt lick the valves on a getzen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by musicalmason
    He'll be alright as long as he doesnt lick the valves on a getzen.
    THAT'S funny!
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    Copper 85% of the total content of most trumpets is toxic. And the solder is even worse.

    The horn you are talking about is a compound called nickel silver.

    Nickel-silver alloys are commonly named by listing their percentages of copper and nickel, thus "Nickel Silver 55-18" would contain 55% copper, 18% nickel, and 27% zinc. A two-element alloy may be named for its nickel content alone, thus NS-12 is 88% copper and 12% nickel.

    But even here it is most likely that the copper is the offending material. Everyone reacts to it (That is why most people will NOT make raw brass horns).

    The lacquer or plating provides a buffer for us.

    But some are allergic to the silver plate as well and need gold plating.

    Mostly these allergies affect us through the mouthpiece. And people will get swelling and sometimes blisters until they switch to something like Delrin, a thermoplastic rim. (Schilke has been making them for over 40 years as a special order. Curry makes them too.)

    ON a very rare occasion someone will need more of a buffer for the hands. Usually a valve casing cover (about 8 dollars) is enough but if not then thin gloves like marching bands use will do fine.

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    On a somewhat similar subject, I heard a while back that playing on a raw brass mouthpiece injures the nerves or muscles in your lips. Anyone can verify or deny this statement?

    That is an interesting tidbit of information though, pops. I'm just glad I don't have such allergic reactions...


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