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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Can you play this? in the General forums; Originally Posted by Bixel Was that on that only gig ever that you went red in the face? . No, ...
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    Re: Can you play this?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bixel View Post
    Was that on that only gig ever that you went red in the face?

    No, before I started treatment for blood pressure I actually got red quite often. To play this you need your hands, feet and all available ports of pressure a couple of good microphones and a Fostex VF16.

    Actually considering my beard, I have been red in the face for 30 years+
    Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

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    Re: Can you play this?

    I thought this was for real until I looked closer and saw the half note got 2 BPM and the quarter got 700+. Whoever wrote this is very clever, I think they tried to write the most absurd piece of music ever imaginable, and they succeeded.

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    Re: Can you play this?

    This piece looks alot like some of the "exercises" from the Schmutzig Horn Method. This is an actual (published and printed) parody of horn methods. See links below. This is a real hoot, even for a trumpet player (but I used to double on horn, so that helps!)

    Guy Clark

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