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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Can you spot the notes? in the General forums; Do you know what ntoes his playing in this song, around about 2:14 ? [ame=]YouTube - Chris Botti (trumpet) "Streets ...
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    Can you spot the notes?

    Do you know what ntoes his playing in this song, around about 2:14 ?

    [ame=]YouTube - Chris Botti (trumpet) "Streets Ahead"[/ame]
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    Re: Can you spot the notes?

    Ok, not that I'll claim that it's worth anything..but this is what I heard without any pitch aid...I don't think I have perfect pitch but you can guess and see if I was right...I won't give rhythms because you can listen and get that...but here's what I think, divided into sections....I won't give octaves either because you can hear that easily.

    F Ab C Db Ab Gb
    C Db Eb C
    F Ab C Db Eb F A(Grace note to Bb)
    C Db Ab F Ab
    C Db Ab
    F Ab C Db
    Trill F-E

    Anyone care to see if I'm anywhere close?(maybe this is a good test for ear training before grad school..haha...)

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