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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Captive Audience in the General forums; Mine isn't too keen on me going high either. Volume's another peave for her, too. couple weeks ago I got ...
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    Re: Captive Audience

    Mine isn't too keen on me going high either. Volume's another peave for her, too. couple weeks ago I got in the dog house for covering her up on a hymn. And I was using the 17A cornet with the Wick piece!
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    Re: Captive Audience

    Originally Posted by Vulgano Brother
    A very good thing, and if TM had an honor roll for non-trumpeters, your wife would be on it!

    On the other hand, she could join, keep her user name secret from you and post things like "My husband drives me crazy--always going for the high E when I'm curled up with the cat on my lap and trying to read." We'd set her straight.

    All the best, Comeback, and kindest regards to your wonderful wife!
    Quote Originally Posted by Comeback View Post
    Great, Vulgano Brother, She was reading this thread over my shoulder last night!

    If you didn't get a back rub out of it, buy the most obnoxious sounding lead mouthpiece you can find, strut around the house like a hoodlum and tell her a back rub would make you normal again.

    Playing too loud at the first rehearsal makes the conductor happy when we only play 25% too loudly after playing 100% the first time around. If the conductor gets all self-righteous, strut around like a hoodlum. As we are at the mercy of our wives and conductors, there are some mobbing tricks we can use.

    PM me if you need more mobbing tricks. I got so good at it my wife gave me an all expense paid one-way ticket back to America.
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    Re: Captive Audience

    I get the same response from my lady. A good excuse to buy a variety of mutes! She loves that muted sound.
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    Re: Captive Audience

    Quote Originally Posted by gmonady View Post
    I have the same wife Ed. Mine replys, "Are you almost finished with your practicing?".

    Now my dogs on the other had, cuddle into my sides, and when I go high, they sing with me in great harmony.... Boy do I LOVE my dogs!
    I've had similar experiences, with a dog that is, and I used to wonder if he really liked it or it pained him, but he could have gone into another room any time he wanted to get away, so I guess he somehow enjoyed it.
    BigDub comments welcome!
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