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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Changed my morning alarm... in the General forums; ...ah, that's much better....
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    Changed my morning alarm...

    ...ah, that's much better.

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    Re: Changed my morning alarm...

    I'm awake!
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    Re: Changed my morning alarm...

    had that vinyl in quadraphonic surround!
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    Re: Changed my morning alarm...

    I used to have James Morrison's "Scream Machine" as my alarm at FULL volume...didn't get me up. Then I had some of Chris Botti's love songs...until I began subconsciously associating the first track with misery. Maybe that's why I don't listen to him much anymore...

    edit: When I had James Morrison as my alarm, I would wake up in the morning to the small little "pop" my CD player made. Panicking, I would run over to the machine and turn it off before it was too late. Then I was exhausted and went right back to sleep.
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    Re: Changed my morning alarm...

    Quote Originally Posted by gbshelbymi View Post
    had that vinyl in quadraphonic surround!

    Boy !! I haven't heard that in along long time ---- > quadraphonic surround Last time I heard any quadraphonic sound, it was Freddie Hubbard soothing the notes as they poked out of the speakers .................. Lets see that puts it at about 1971 or so .................

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    Re: Changed my morning alarm...

    Brings back fond memories of seeing that band in Las Vegas at an after hours dance club called The Pink Pussycat. They sustained that kind of energy for hours.

    Also, it's really nice to find out what my Schilke might sound like if I could play those notes!!

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