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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Chapped lips problem in the General forums; Originally Posted by Ed Lee Lemon Cokes were a fav when I was in high school. Lime cokes with a ...
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    Re: Chapped lips problem

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Lee View Post
    Lemon Cokes were a fav when I was in high school. Lime cokes with a shot of rum tasted good later after college.
    I remember lemon cokes.

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    Re: Chapped lips problem

    Great and helpful info, thanks.
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    Re: Chapped lips problem

    Quote Originally Posted by Roshoka View Post
    Ok, here's the deal: anytime I skip a day of practice my lips get chapped, bad. To the point where your lips kind of peel, after just skipping one day. I really don't know what to do. I've tried chap stick, Vaseline, chop saver, and blistex dct. The blistex works the best, but it still doesn't completely prevent the bad chapping that occurs after skipping one or two days of playing. I'm wondering if it is just something normal or possibly lip damage, because I don't know anyone else with this problem. No one seems to have an answer either.

    You might have developed allergy to your mouthpiece... I know this post is old but I really like to inform others who are interested in this topic. I have this problem for a year and its diagnosis is a kind of relief. Everyone who see this post must consider that the term of contact allergy (mouthpiece allergy) is very common. They should try other materials such as gold, lexan (Polycarbonate), derlin etc and also avoid of licking and moisturize their upper lip much with tongue and be aware of playing tongue exercises such as double and triple tongue.Try to dry the lip after and while playing ... in rest between each exercise... due to this stuff (Tongue exercises) would definitely moisturize lips more than other exercises.

    Meanwhile, read this updated information about Cheilitis. It is really informative...Cheilitis
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