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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Chicago's Trpt - Lee Loughnane in the General forums; Chicago was/is a band that exemplifies a horn section, rather than horn soloists, and Lee fits that role perfectly. Saw ...
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    Re: Chicago's Trpt - Lee Loughnane

    Chicago was/is a band that exemplifies a horn section, rather than horn soloists, and Lee fits that role perfectly. Saw them twice in the early days, once at a club with maybe 40 people in the audience and a little later in a 3,000-seat hall. They were a BAND, not a bunch of individuals. Personally believe Pankow was the most talented horn player in the section, but it was the unified section that mattered. Also, if you didn't see them in their early days you really can't appreciate how tight the rhythm sections was. Cetera was a highly underated bassist (until he became a balladeer), and Kath was always a monster as well.
    Saw them a few years later and was disappointed, as the drugs/alcohol issues were blatant, especially amongst the horn section.
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    Re: Chicago's Trpt - Lee Loughnane

    Quote Originally Posted by flacoman View Post
    As a child of the 70's I wanted to be Lee Or Bill Chase when I grew up!
    I am with you man! Those bands were the center of my musical life growing up outside of Indy. Lee's (Chicago's) music was more attainable for me since I was not a screamer...but I could always dream...and practice, practice practice!

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    Re: Chicago's Trpt - Lee Loughnane

    Lee's sound is Chicago. As far as bands not having horns anymore, you guys need to check out Brownout, really enjoying them right now. It's guys from Grupo Fantasma, but as they are more latin grooved, they formed Brownout as a kind of a rock/funk alter ego.

    Also, word on the street is that The SOS Band from the 70's/80's has reformed and will be back at it soon. Trumpet, alto, tenor, trombone in the section.
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    Re: Chicago's Trpt - Lee Loughnane

    Leftmid7 ... keep us all up to date on what is out there ! I miss older Chicago, Earth, Wind & Fire; Blood, Sweat & Tears; Cold Blood; Tower of Power and of course CHASE. Would love to see some of these groups that are still performing come up with some new material true to the early 70's style.
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    Re: Chicago's Trpt - Lee Loughnane

    Ides of March still puts on a decent show.

    Then they do songs from Jim's OTHER band.

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    Re: Chicago's Trpt - Lee Loughnane

    Yes Tim Bales with Ides of March is a great pro. He is easy to talk to as well.

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    Re: Chicago's Trpt - Lee Loughnane

    In my opinion, Lee is a much stronger player now than he was back in the day. I guess all that time studying with CG helped!
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