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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Chop Dr.'s ? in the General forums; Players who were in the New York scene back in the 70's tell many entertaining stories of great, professional players ...
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    Chop Dr.'s ?

    Players who were in the New York scene back in the 70's tell many entertaining stories of great, professional players walking into Carmine Caruso's studio in just terrible shape.....hardley able to play from too much chop abuse. I believe Dr. Reinhardt in Philly and to a lesser extent Jerry Callet in NYC got their fair of guys who were in trouble. Uan Racey I believe was the goto guy in Hollywood.

    Who are todays "chop doctors"........the guys the pros go to when they are in trouble.....and they have a gig at 10PM!

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    Bob McCoy in Boston has always been considered a "chop doc".

    I know in the few sessions that I went to see him he really "helped" me a ton! I wasn't going through any major issues but I always want to play easier and more efficiently.

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    Jeanne Pocius (North of Boston) has been making a name for herself as a chop weenie. There is Pops ( Clint McClaughlin -sp) in Dallas

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    John Miller
    Paul Archibald
    David Chatterton

    Three of the UKs top Chop Docs

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    In NYC, Vince Penzarella, Jim Pandolfi, and Laurie Frink seem to get their share of problem cases. Also, "prof" Fielder in Rutgers.
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    Malte Burba in Germany

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    Quote Originally Posted by oj View Post
    Malte Burba in Germany
    Malte Burba I don't consider to be a doc. He is a guru. He doesn't patch anything, he starts new. His students have incredible range and endurance-but invest an incredible amount of time to get there. For anybody willing to completely "start over" a top recommendation.
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