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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Chop Savers in the General forums; It's wonderful. The company should do itself a favor and start selling it right next to regular chap stick... it ...
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    Re: Chop Savers

    It's wonderful. The company should do itself a favor and start selling it right next to regular chap stick... it is way better and would fly off the shelves!!

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    Re: Chop Savers

    Does it really reduce swelling? Wow.
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    Re: Chop Savers

    The best lip balm un the market!

    My girlfriend loves it and she doesn't play horn.

    I find it is great for general protection of my lips in the Alaskan winter and helps my chops recover much quicker for playing.

    It IS expensive but WORTH IT!

    I would that if enough people start using it the economy of scale will help and bring the price down some.
    I don't have a problem with the price but with no local dealer the shipping hurts.
    Still worth it!
    No substitute for music through the horn.

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    Re: Chop Savers

    It may be somewhere back in this thread where I tumbled to two recommendations because in the Utah winter I have been experiencing severe chapping and cracking. One was for Chop Savers which I have on order. The other was for Vitamin E sticks ($.96) at Wal Mart in the Vitamin Section. I bought the three sticks they had left at our store. Wow! Instant relief. And fairly quick repair. I, too, was a little shocked at the Chop Savers price, but we'll see what kind of job it does when the order arrives. Since it contains a big whack of Vitamin E itself (as well as aloe) it ought to be great.

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    Re: Chop Savers

    Chopsaver has really been a great help for me. Especially when I'm switching alitudes or playing on a hot windy day or a myriad of other conditions to where lips will dry out, crack, etc. I believe it is an essential tool in our toolbox.

    Besides, it helps when a girl asks what it is and you can personally show her... oops.
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    Re: Chop Savers

    Quote Originally Posted by BflatAnklan View Post
    I went through a rough time a while back and couldn't imagine doing it without chopsaver. That stuff is just as important to me now as is my valve oil! :-D

    Amen Matt!!

    This stuff is amazing! I used to get cracked lips al the time, but keeping this stuff on frequently has virtually eliminated it.
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    Re: Chop Savers

    I have some and it seems to work very well, except it messes me up if I put it on more than once a day.

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    Re: Chop Savers

    Never tried it. but after reading these reviews maybe I will

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    Re: Chop Savers

    Good stuff!
    Stay in school!
    Learn to spell!
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    Re: Chop Savers

    It's also good for musicians with fingers - it helps prevent/deal with hangnails, which can be distracting while working out guitar fingerings. Especially when things aren't going well.

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