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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Chops in the General forums; Originally Posted by kingtrumpet . Chuck Mangione, Phil Driscoll (although after an hour or so phil would sing) -- these ...
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    Re: Chops

    Quote Originally Posted by kingtrumpet View Post
    . Chuck Mangione, Phil Driscoll (although after an hour or so phil would sing) -- these guys were incredible--- and in a 2 hour + show they would take few breaks and none much longer than a couple of minutes, but they would play many songs in the 10-15 minute ranges.
    Perhaps that is an unrealistic assumption on my part that in a comeback at 46 -- I would somehow be able to "increase" stamina -- in my chops in just a year or two.
    I guess I just wonder how these guys play for an hour or so -- with the whole range, dynamics and such --- without taking much of a break.
    Again -- with trickg and others -- realistically I understand there are usually song breaks in most gigs.
    Face time on a 15 minute tune is not that much. Trumpet players don't usually solo for an extended period. If they do they don't do it on the next tune. Unless they are playing in a 1 horn salsa band (not recommended)
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    Re: Chops

    Quote Originally Posted by trickg View Post
    I think that the most important thing is to just listen to what your chops are telling you. I think that some people take the whole, "no pain, no gain" thing a little too seriously and they do wind up over-practicing. That's just not a great thing to do, but so many people do it.
    The more I am in medicine the more I have come to realize that pain is our friend. This is so true Patrick. Great Post!
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    Re: Chops

    I practice for 1/2 hour, take a 10 minute break, then rinse and repeat several times...But once a week, when I'm not at a band practice two or three days in the week, I do like to slam my chops with 1 hour, 15 minute break, 1 hour, 15 minute break, then 1/2 hour all on Lead chops high-note stuff, or until I start to give out- I call it my power-lifting practice.

    Its weird, these days- as I begin to really get better than I was when I stopped really playing years ago-I warm-up, do etudes, then do the symphonic book for my one band, then do Jazz excercises and patterns, then the jazz charts from the other band I play in, then range stuff, and its like 2-3 hours just flew bye! I need more time!!!!!!!

    BTW: taking a day off today, though
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