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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Chris Botti, Happy Birthday! in the General forums; Happy Birthday Chris Botti!! Chris Botti & Yo-Yo Ma - Cinema Paradiso - YouTube...
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    Chris Botti, Happy Birthday!

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    Re: Chris Botti, Happy Birthday!

    49 today.
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    Re: Chris Botti, Happy Birthday!

    49 is a good number... Happy B Day.
    It's the player, Not the horn that makes music.

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    Re: Chris Botti, Happy Birthday!

    Funny, I saw him recently in Portland, with the Oregon Symphony and other guests, and it was a gift for my birthday
    Was a great show too

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    Re: Chris Botti, Happy Birthday!

    HBD to Chris Botti. I believe he received some of his music training at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN, a neighboring state.

    I first became aware of him on a DVD by Sting entitled All This Time. The DVD was filmed at Sting's Italian home on 9-11-01. It's a very good DVD with Mr. Botti being featured at various intervals during a small concert setting. Even more, since it was filmed on 9-11-01, I appreciate the respect each of the musicians showed for the victims of the day's horrific events by discussing on the video if they should continue with the plan to record a DVD. In the end, they decided life had to go on or we would all be victims and, although sadly true, I agree with them. Anyway, I hope he has a great day, whevever he roams.

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