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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Chris Botti instrument(s) in the General forums; I've seen him twice and both times he finished with a piece sans mic.....Sound was just as rich and full ...
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    Re: Chris Botti instrument(s)

    I've seen him twice and both times he finished with a piece sans mic.....Sound was just as rich and full as with....

    Outstanding performer, and a very....very tight group with him.

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    Re: Chris Botti instrument(s)

    I just saw Chris Botti perform last week, and it was AWESOME. I loved it ... He only played the trumpet, and it was his Martin Committee trumpet. He also comes out and will sign autographs and talk to people after the show, but the line was going out the door and little ones at home so no such luck for me.

    In regards to his trumpet playing, he (Chris Botti) in an interview said that he played just one thing Trumpet and kept his focus on that versus any other instruments. Seems to make sense and Chris also highly recommended never going a day without practicing because he hosed a solo once for Sting many years ago where he went a couple of days without practicing.

    One thing about Chris Bottis performance that I picked up and you see on his album covers (Like the Live in Boston) is that when he plays he often arches his back and almost leans backwards with the knees slightly bent and wondered if this was a "SHOW" thing so that you could see the profile of him playing or if it was adding any other value to his playing. My assumption is that it is for show.
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    Re: Chris Botti instrument(s)

    You can find a video of him on Youtube where he's being interviewed and he talks about how he is actually a vagabond. He owns his trumpet, some clothes, and thats about it. If he can get that nice dark sound without the fluge, whats the point in hauling it around all the time?

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    Re: Chris Botti instrument(s)

    Seems to me the mic is likely only used to help him sit in the mix with the rest of the amplified band.
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    Re: Chris Botti instrument(s)

    Chris Botti without mic at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles recorded on an old (2005) Canon powershot digital camera.
    [ame=]YouTube - Chris Botti at the Greek Theatre 2010-07-10[/ame]
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    Re: Chris Botti instrument(s)

    Quote Originally Posted by forrest View Post
    No complaint about the mic - just an observation. Powell Symphony Hall is rather large, so it'd be tough to fill it up with sound .
    I wasn't pointing my comment at you! My old band director told me back when I went to Botti's concert that it wouldn't be worthwhile because he uses "studio magic"...and I've heard it from other people as well. But I think Chris has an amazing sound with or without a mic! Great guy too!

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    Re: Chris Botti instrument(s)

    The magic of Vulgano Voodoo is more real than "Studio Magic," because there is no magic in the studio--only technology, and in concert the real "magic" is enhanced by, but not created by technology.
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    Re: Chris Botti instrument(s)

    trumpetrax wrote:
    I've tried getting my hair like that too, but my hair profession just laughs and says there isn't enough there!

    That is cool that you got to sit and hang with Chris for a half hour! That is awesome. What kinda stuff did you talk about?
    We talked about growing up in Italian families for a while. I asked him why he started playing the Martin. His reply had to do with the fact that he realized that he wasn't going to be a lead trumpet player, and using the Martin gave him the sound that he wanted. As I remember, he didn't pay too much for the horn. These prices have gone up considerably since Chris started playing one. You may as well call it the CB model now.He also talked about touring with the Dorsey band when he was young.

    My impression of Chris after talking with him was the same before I met him. He's a regular guy, and a good guy. The two things in the music biz at any level that you need to be. Others that I have met that have the same two qualities are Bobby Shew, Marvin Stamm, and Wayne Bergeron. This is good company!

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    Re: Chris Botti instrument(s)

    yer ive never seen Chris playing anything else but a trumpet.

    He does play with a mic, but whats wrong with it ? When i heard him at his show, he played one song without a mic and he sounded the same.

    In terms of his "leaning back" or "arch pose" if you will, i think thats for show. He does that a lot. It looks good in my opinion. It could also be a habit that he possesed over time...

    Chris Botti is a great player, my favourite.

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    Re: Chris Botti instrument(s)

    Quote Originally Posted by Big Daddy View Post
    Chris Botti without mic at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles recorded on an old (2005) Canon powershot digital camera.
    YouTube - Chris Botti at the Greek Theatre 2010-07-10
    Your horns are rfeally beautiful and I especially like the shot of the 56 Olds Recording. very nice- more importantly I'm sure they sound a good as they look!

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