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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Chris Botti nailed this one!!! in the General forums; No doubt, Chris Botti is one of THE trumpet players on the market today and offers top quality technique, sound ...
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    Re: Chris Botti nailed this one!!!

    No doubt, Chris Botti is one of THE trumpet players on the market today and offers top quality technique, sound and musicality. He was booked for the anthem job and delivered a world class performance. My comment is aimed at the event management that turned the anthem into a sermon instead of a "congregational hymn". In my opinion, there would be no difference regardless if the player was an orchestral, jazz, pop or multitalent. I don't want to see a solo, I want this thing to be sung, accompanied, with the focus on everyone getting involved, participating instead of listening to a world class soloist. What an opportunity-stadium full, world wide TV to proclaim the land of the free, home of the brave. This tune is not about kicking someones a@@, it is about preserverence in times of strife.
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    Re: Chris Botti nailed this one!!!

    4th of July, Korean Freedom Bell service here in San Pedro... Congresswoman Janice Hahn was present... high school student is brought up to sing the National Anthem .. I am cringing internally and waiting for all the obligado to ensue ... which never happened. She sang it solid, to the book, in tune and it was moving.
    So I agree with you Rowuk.
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    Re: Chris Botti nailed this one!!!

    Yep, he killed it. Made me want to jump up, wave the flag, and rush out and beat up on some (present company exempted) Brits! To shout it from the rooftops that the flag is still there. "Stunned the nation"? Stupid.

    I'll give him this. He likely wanted to present a respectful interpretation that avoided the excesses of marginally talented R&B singers for whom a quarter note equals sixteen-note melismata, of which I have had (appropriately as the Germans say) "a nose full". But I think his approach is misplaced. Like Lester Young said, "know the lyrics". There's nothing stirring and related to them.

    Sorry, Chris. Honorable mention but no cigar.
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