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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Chris Botti National Anthem in the General forums; Yes, he's a very nice guy and not only a wonderful musician and entertainer, but has always taken the time ...
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    Re: Chris Botti National Anthem

    Yes, he's a very nice guy and not only a wonderful musician and entertainer, but has always taken the time to sign and take pictures after his concerts. He has especially been very helpful to my son with advice and encouragement for the last 7 years, as he is now a junior in college and working toward a music-ed. degree..We try to see Chris whenever he's in the area and have been going to the Blue Note for the last 7 years around his 3 weeks there...if you haven't seen him, the Blue Note is the best place to catch him...
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    Re: Chris Botti National Anthem

    A truly beautiful sound. Can't fail to be moved by it.

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    Re: Chris Botti National Anthem

    THIS is how the anthem should be done-

    Naked Gun.. National Anthem - Enrico Palazzo - YouTube

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    Re: Chris Botti National Anthem

    Quote Originally Posted by gmonady View Post
    POS could also stand for: "Possibly otic sterility", [in other words: tone death] in Roseanne Barr's case.
    It could also stand for Post-Operatic Spitting, like her salivary emphasis after she was done.
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    Re: Chris Botti National Anthem

    Quote Originally Posted by TrumpetMD View Post
    This was my point for starting this thread. It was to celebrate Chris' performance. It wasn't to impose our personal expectations of how this song (or any song) should be played.

    My only issue . . . On a forum full of trumpet players, you're likely going to have a lot of competition.
    LOL. Clever.
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    Re: Chris Botti National Anthem

    0:40/0:41 - reminds me of the animated Chuck Mangione in King of the Hill, who has the habit of playing anything, then turning it into "Feels So Good"...
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    Re: Chris Botti National Anthem

    It pales in comparison to these (Naked gun, not CB!! )!!!!
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    Re: Chris Botti National Anthem

    Quote Originally Posted by peanuts56 View Post
    Beautiful rendition, I'm fast becoming a fan of Chris. Everything I have heave ever heard about him has always been positive. Reported to be a really nice guy also.
    The only other version I have heard that compares to this version is Bruce Hornsby and Branford Marsalis on soprano sax. I first heard it in the early 90's at the NBA All Star Game. I believe they also performed it at a World Series Game in the mid 90's. I believe it is also on the soundtrack from the Ken Burns baseball documentary. I have also found it on YouTube. Not trumpet related but definitely worth a listen. Two master musicians. I also like the version from last years Super Bowl. The arrangement was done by Rob Mathes. I know Rob a bit and he's also an incredible talent and a really good guy.
    It was very much played in the same style as Hornsby and Marsalis's rendition. I loved it! I wish the piano was just a bit louder though. I would definitely rank this one in my top five.
    1. Branford and Bruce
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    4. Botti
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    Re: Chris Botti National Anthem

    Bach 3C -

    What's great is since that performance I have had two requests to play it at events - I guess just raising the awareness of the beauty of the instrument was worthwhile!

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    Re: Chris Botti National Anthem

    Maybe it is time that we went back to the good old school bands playing the "approved" versions?

    I do think that ANYTIME a countries anthem is played, that singalong is the reason. When an artist takes too many liberties, then it becomes more about the artist and less about America, land of the free, home of the brave. There is plenty of artistic license possible without ignoring the words, which are the reason that this is even played at all!

    The real solution is not playing the anthem at all if it is just a showcase for, or more about a living person than the original cause. Another tune would be more respectful in any case.

    Other than that, Botti proved that he can play much more than bedroom jazz.
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