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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Christmas in the General forums; Merry Christmas to all here. I hopew that I have been able to provide at least as much guidance as ...
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    Re: Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all here. I hopew that I have been able to provide at least as much guidance as I have received from all of you in this group.

    Please remember that this holiday is a commemoration of the birth of Our Savior, not just a day to exchange mercenary physical gifts. His name is in the name of this holiday.

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    Re: Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all of my fellow TM'ers! Many people list what is the most important thing of this season. My two cents worth is FAMILY and FRIENDS. Don't always think that there's time for them later and go on with the hustle and bustle. Enjoy them often.
    God bless us all, everyone.
    Live Long and Prosper

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    Re: Christmas

    Merry Christmas

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    Re: Christmas

    Don't let the Christ come out of Christmas, as my (school, not section(That's me)) principal always says

    To all, from NZ, have a great Christmas (mine's already half over!), and may your endurance not be too badly effected by the large meal!

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    Re: Christmas

    A merry Christmas to one and all from over here in good ol' Blighty!
    "I wonder what the poor people are doing... I'd love to be doing it with them!"
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    Re: Christmas

    Merry Christamas and a happy new year to all and everyone here on the best Trumpet forum there is, from London in good ol Blighty!

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    Re: Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all around the world that makes this forum so interesting. Just got back from a good service at church with many carols. Wife Deb is the organist /choir director and I tooted on some of the pieces, plus our small choir did a good job along with our handbells doing some pealing before the opening and recessional hymns. Fortunately, the nasty weather eased up today with warmer temps and no more snow to make it more hazardous for people to come out.
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    Re: Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all.

    Robin, Thanks for all your time here. Weather we agree or not, you always have something useful to say.

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    Re: Christmas

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Holidays to everyone.
    Justin J. Smith

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    Re: Christmas

    Merry CHRISTmas!

    Hope everyone had a safe and happy CHRISTmas.

    My first Christmas concert with Motor City Brass Band ( Had a great time.(have played with MCBB for about a year but didn't play last year's Christmas concert)


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