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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Chuck Lazarus! in the General forums; Dear all, Please join me in congratulating my dear friend and colleague, Chuck Lazarus for winning a HUGE award in ...
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    Chuck Lazarus!

    Dear all,

    Please join me in congratulating my dear friend and colleague, Chuck Lazarus for winning a HUGE award in the Twin Cities, the McKnight Fellowship!

    This is a very big deal and involves a $25,000 prize for excellence in musical performance featuring his compositions. He had to play before a jury and did so, apparently, with great grace and aplomb.

    I'm proud to have Chuck in the section. He is an example of a true "Go-getter", constantly writing compositions and putting himself out before the public as a member of the MO and at the Dakota jazz Club down the street from Orchestra hall.

    We're lucky to have a colleague like Chuck in the section and as a friend. The other guys in the section all feel the same way. We're proud of him.


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    Re: Chuck Lazarus!

    Amen, Manny! I've heard Chuck play many times. His own compositions sound incredible, and he is a master of many different styles of music.

    Congrats, Chuck! You are very deserving of the McKnight award.

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    Re: Chuck Lazarus!

    Congratulations Chuck!

    Although we miss you here in NY, it sounds like you've made quite an impact in MN!

    Best wishes -


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    Re: Chuck Lazarus!

    Excellent! Congratulations, Chuck!

    If you haven't picked up his Solo Settings CD, it's a great and extremely versitle album. Available on iTunes, too.
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    Re: Chuck Lazarus!

    Congratulations Chuck!!

    ...and keep on keeping Manny in line!

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    Re: Chuck Lazarus!

    Congratulations to Chuck L!

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    Re: Chuck Lazarus!

    Congratulations! You now have permision to push your tuning slide in an extra 1/4"!
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    Re: Chuck Lazarus!

    Congratulations Chuck
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    Re: Chuck Lazarus!

    Well done to Chuck!

    I do remember him being a top bloke when we met with Manny after the Proms.

    His CD Solo Setting is also worth listening to!
    David Quinlan

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    Re: Chuck Lazarus!

    hey Chuck (if you're lurking around here)...

    looks like it's your turn to buy at the BLB!

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