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    Circular Breathing

    How does this work?

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    Re: Circular Breathing

    Circular breathing is storing air in your cheeks that you can use later to help you play longer without breathing. If you practice you can do this just by breathing through your nose while you play.

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    Re: Circular Breathing

    "This is accomplished by breathing in through the nose
    while simultaneously blowing out through the mouth
    using air stored in the cheeks."
    (quote from Wikipedia)
    When you blow air out from your mouth, think like this. Puff out your cheeks with air. Then squeeze them on either side with both hands. Air comes out, but you have not blown air up from your throat. When they say blow air out from your mouth, they really mean that you are almost squeezing the air from your cheeks with the muscles that contract your cheeks. You are almost putting your exhaling on "autopilot." Also think of spitting out water while breathing in. Try it! Only, this is what you have to do with the air. Hope this helps, HSO

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    Re: Circular Breathing

    Do a few searches in the Forum. You will will find several threads that discuss circular breathing in great detail.

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    Cool Re: Circular Breathing

    you may wish to buy a didgeridoo and practice on one of these,
    the aboriginals play them and have been circular breathing for centuries.
    Aboriginals are the native race of Australia and you the didgeridoos for ceremonies etc.
    you may wish to google it to find out more.

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    Re: Circular Breathing

    Didgeridoos are hard to do than a trumpet, though.
    The mouthpiece (at least on the one I made) has the diameter of a trombone or tuba, without the advantage of a cup to give it resistance. It's like playing a pvc pipe.

    I think circular breathing on the trumpet is much easier, as it'll take less air.

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