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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Clark Terry in the General forums; Anything new on his health issues? Also, does anyone know where I might find a copy of his book "Let's ...
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    Clark Terry

    Anything new on his health issues? Also, does anyone know where I might find a copy of his book "Let's Talk Trumpet: From Legit to Jazz"? I've looked on Amazon and Barnes and Noble without success. Thanks.

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    Re: Clark Terry

    Clark's website info says he was hospitalized with 95% heart blockage and the blockage was removed successfully. As of May 20, he is home in Pine Bluff , Ark. You can give your well wishes on a link on the "news" link on his website that I have been referring to.Says there are limited copies of the book you were looking for in the merchandise link for sale, but I don't find a direct order form.
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    Re: Clark Terry

    Quick message....on my pda and at cv....
    ct is doing much better. I chatted with him last week or so via phone.


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    Re: Clark Terry

    How old is CT now? Good to hear he is doing well!

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