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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Clean your horn! in the General forums; Originally Posted by mike ansberry I've had my Eclipse for about 10 months and decided to put it in the ...
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    Yee HAW!
    Quote Originally Posted by mike ansberry
    I've had my Eclipse for about 10 months and decided to put it in the exo-clean chemical bath. I have run literally hundreds of horns through this vat with no problems. I put my Eclipse in and the gold finish came out badly stained. I freaked. I tried washing it off with soap and water. I tried silver polish. Then I talked to John Lynch. He does a lot of gold and silver plating. He said try Tarnex. I used it and the stains came right off. I was relieved.
    Mike, I'm glad something worked for you; it really would "be of vacuumous characteristic" to have that pretty gold all stained.

    I just wash/rinse mine off with dish detergent and that seems to work fine. Generally I'll "give 'er" a bath about every 3 months or so and that seems to be OK. I AM kind of surprised because I have been known to park a beer beside the stand when I'm practicing! For some strange reason the can is generally empty about the time I run out of desire to practice!

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    My own shameful confession.

    In 1986 I was playing my first engagement in a West end show - the first London production of High Society where I was third trumpet in the on stage 'pit orchestra'. i also had the honour of playing the Louis Armstrong part in the number Now You Has Jazz which entailed walking on into a scene with 5 other musicians to play a part in an jam session in a diner which turned into that great number.

    About six months into the run I started feeling like I was having dificulty in making the horn ring true -I figured it was just a chops problem which would sort itself out if I did some chop maintainance work and tried to back off a little but after a couple of weeks things seemed to be getting worse. I was working much harder and getting less and less sound. I was actually getting quite depressed about it and at a loss how to rectify the situation. One night between numbers I had flipped the horn around and was gazing forlornly into the bell when I noticed something shiny catching the light! There was something metalic stuck way down in the bell somewhere near the back bow. In the interval I took the horn - a 1956 Burbank Benge ML fwiw - to the dressing room, bent a wire coat hanger into a hook and went fishing. What I managed to pull out was an aluminium pencil sharpener AND behind that was a mouthpiece brush!!!

    I hadn't seen either of these two items, which had both been loose in my gig bag, for over three weeks. No wonder the horn had been feeling a little stuffy. In retrospect its amazing that I managed to work like this for so long without other people realising something was amiss.

    Needless to say, the second half of that show my sound was HUGE!

    Also, I am pretty careful about keeping things neat in my cases these days.

    All the best. Noel.

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    Corrosive chemicals work because they are CORROSIVE!

    Think steam, my friends!

    Stop acting like someone shot your dog.

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