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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Cleaning in the General forums; Here's an interesting one for you - a friend of mine has a V Raptor, and what Bob Reeves told ...
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    Here's an interesting one for you - a friend of mine has a V Raptor, and what Bob Reeves told him to clean it with was Lime Away or CLR - the stuff that cleans up hard water stains! He says use it full strength every few months, even on pistons, and it gets rid of any type of corrosion that has started. He tried it and it worked great! I'm going to try it myself soon. Just had to get the word out on this one - has anyone else tried it?
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    Re: Cleaning

    Yeah, I have done CLR baths. They work great but never full strength, I dilute a bottle in enough water to cover the horn. I let them soak for an hour or longer and then use the brass saver kit to scrub em out. I find cleaning with brass saver to be pretty passive and usually end up using something a little stiffer.

    It could get insane expensive to use it pure as well. I clean my valves a lot more often than my horns so I can't say I have used it on valves. I have had good luck with the cheap generic stuff too. It does work though.
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