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Trumpet Discussion Discuss cleaning agent...better choice? in the General forums; Originally Posted by Rushtucky I would like to recommend a product that I have come to find to be excellent ...
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    Re: cleaning agent...better choice?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rushtucky View Post
    I would like to recommend a product that I have come to find to be excellent in cleaning trumpets and easy on the brass. HW Brass-Saver. Quoting from the package: " The HW Brass Saver brush is a revolutionary concept. Its unique design contains no metal and features a special blend of soft but aggressive fibers. Use it wet or dry to scrub clean the inside of your instrument without damaging it." H.W. Products, Inc.
    Funny you mention that, since I just received mine on Saturday through Amazon. Since my horns have been hibernating for 25 years, they definitely needed a good cleaning. My old wire brushes are now history.
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    Re: cleaning agent...better choice?

    Simple Green. I've used it for years in a warm (not hot) bath and let it soak for 15 -20 minutes or until the water cools. Rinse is easy. One thing I've come across recently is after it is dry, I wipe it down with a micro-fiber cloth that has hit the market of late. It looks as if you put it on a buffer. Every now and then I just wipe it down to get the finger prints off. Good stuff!

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    Re: cleaning agent...better choice?

    Rick, I totally agree. I, like you, have been using Simple Green for years. It is an excellent grease and grim cutter and makes the valves like new. The key is not to be stingy with the solution. I usually use it straight and spray the horn liberally. I like you suggestion with the micro cloth (thank you) and will give it a try. I am surprised that more trumpeters on Trumpetmaster do not use Simple Green or something similar.
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    Re: cleaning agent...better choice?

    I've been using Ivory Soap for a few years now and pretty satisfied with it; if I want a deeper clean I take it to the shop. I was recommended the ivory soap because it is softer than normal dish soap so it's not as likely to damage the silver plating (although keep in mind the possibility of that is already really really low). I know from using it for a few years that it doesn't leave a film on it
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