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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Cleaning/Rinsing Raw Brass in the General forums; Just curious. My teacher rinses his horn out everyday prior to playing. He says that he plays the same horn ...
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    Cleaning/Rinsing Raw Brass

    Just curious. My teacher rinses his horn out everyday prior to playing. He says that he plays the same horn everyday (excluding the junk that may be inside) if that makes sense.

    Anyway, I have a raw brass bell and wondered what the rinsing would do to the bell if I rinsed it with warm water everyday? I'm talkin about standing at the sink and running warm water into the bell and flushing the horn for a couple minutes.


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    Re: Cleaning/Rinsing Raw Brass

    Tap water can have lots of minerals which will deposit in the horn. Rinsing out the horn everyday is absurd. If you insist on rinsing frequently use distilled water. I was surprised that the monette website showed horn cleaning using a basic detergent and only tap water. It would seem like it would be counter productive to use tap water because of it's mineral deposits.

    Here we have a lot of calcium in our water...Good luck. I wouldn't worry about rinsing. Keep your inside valve block clean. Oil your valves frequently and all should be well.

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