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Trumpet Discussion Discuss College Horn in the General forums; Originally Posted by veery715 So who is at fault? Did you fail to clarify, or did he fail to pick ...
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    Re: College Horn

    Quote Originally Posted by veery715 View Post
    So who is at fault? Did you fail to clarify, or did he fail to pick up on it because his head was somewhere else?
    He failed to clarify thanks to his poor grammar and spelling - I thought he meant "matching" rather than "marching" - his spelling was "maching" so I had to interperet that by filling in the blank on the misspelled word, and I went the other way.

    I've got nothing more for this kid - I was MARCHING and gigging professionally before he was even a gleam in his daddy's eye, but apparently my advice is of no use or consequence to him because at age 17/18 he's "a well read educated musician." Apparently there is nothing left to teach him.

    Quote Originally Posted by veery715 View Post
    I am with the others. Play your Yammie on the field. I have played a few of those and they always seemed quite easy up high. With the Schilke mouthpiece you should be OK, but sometimes it is hard to get a good horn/mouthpiece match and you might want to try the paper trick (look it up at the Bob Reeves website) to increase the gap a little bit.
    I contend that the issue here is not his horn or his mouthpiece.
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    Re: College Horn

    Quote Originally Posted by gmonady View Post
    That's because Olds players are survivors. Players of some other horns, let's see... like the King... well, they become hypoxic and sadly, just don't make it out to the golden years like us Olds players.


    Love it!
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    Re: College Horn

    I thought he meant "old" players.
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    Re: College Horn

    At 18 a lot of us had our pants full of stuff that we had to eat during the years following our indestructability.

    Anyone with half a brain knows that the more you know, the less you talk about it. The rest of us are well read and educated (me included).

    I think this kid has a problem. He won't get much money for the Bach, but wants another horn that will give him more range and endurance. Fairy dust is expensive on Ebay these days.
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    Re: College Horn

    Ya, horns are expensive on ebay these days. It kind of sucks for trumpeters, b/c of the internet everyone now knows what they're old horn is worth.
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    Re: College Horn

    HEY if the OP is still here -- and willing to listen -- he can go out and buy Keith Fiala's setup (an Austin Winds 470 -- and Keith's mpc) --- or quite frankly he could follow the link and go to Keith's website --
    there are many helpful tips -- not just on equipment -- but also "low pressure" + air + playing relaxed --- CONFIDENT but NOT COCKY

    and my help in this posts is that each of the players I listed on youtube --ALL have a different horn -- YET they are all very good!!!!!!! (ok the 2 Kilties with the G sopranos likely have the same set up))

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    Re: College Horn

    OH - I forgot this guy can play also --
    and hopefully if a "picture is worth a 1000 words" - then a video must be worth much more --- I hope the OP is able to learn something from all of this

    [ame=]YouTube - ‪Matt Gallagher‬‏[/ame]

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