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So which story are we to believe? These:

Or, are we to believe what you just posted above? They don't really meet in the middle.

Based on what you said, you really can't play anything above F or G - to play it means to have it consistently, and you were fairly descriptive of what your current abilities on the horn are.

You said that all of the fundamental things I mentioned to you have been covered by your college teachers. If that's the case, I suggest you go to them and see if they can help you with your approach to the lessons they have given you. Simply pounding through exericises is not always the answer, even if the exercises are good.

Good luck. At this point I'm out of this thread.
Ok I realize that I have several contradictory statements, and the day of the original post, I was especially frustrated.

Also, after I posted this thread, something that's common sense hit me- I have only been on this new 3C mouthpiece for a couple weeks, so naturally, my range and tone quality is going to suffer for a bit until I get used to a smaller cup mouthpiece. If I go back to my 5B, 90% of the problems start to go away, or at least become much less frequent. I am used to a larger cup, so it is naturally taking some time to adjust. So there's a great majority of what's causing it.

When I posted the original thread, it was after an hour of hard practice, with barely any break, which is why my endurance sucked at that point. I can play above a G, don't doubt that. It's just when I start to get tired, instead of putting the trumpet down for a bit, I have been in the bad habit of playing until everything was really falling apart. So that's another reason why I made my self sound like crap in the original post- because I was venting a little, I suppose.

Yes, I do realize that for a while, I really had very little discipline when it came to the trumpet for quite a few years. I AM applying everything I have learned in my practice, though, especially now. In the past, I wasn't very disciplined, which is why I'm not where I should be right now in terms of range and endurance- due to lack of playing.

I really do apologize for confusing everyone, but I thank you all for your candid advice. You can bet I will be talking more to my teachers and professors regarding this. In the meantime, I am keeping myself to a strict practice routine, applying all my gathered knowledge so far, unlike before, when I would just sit down and start playing some repertoire right away.