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Trumpet Discussion Discuss come back player in the General forums; It is nice to see that I am not the only comeback player here after more than 30 years of ...
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    Re: come back player

    It is nice to see that I am not the only comeback player here after more than 30 years of not playing. I agree with the "find a local group to play with". It makes all the difference. It's like going back home.

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    Re: come back player

    You have nice things ahead then, Anthony.

    And jjpetlovr, you´re may be even more right
    than you know; I believe the group of comebackers
    in here has proved to be the largest group of all, even
    bigger than the pro group!

    And by the way; I belong to the comebacker group too . . .

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    Re: come back player

    Welcome! You'll find plenty of advice and support here!
    AFM Local 400

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    Re: come back player

    WOW Thanks again guys for the warm welcome back ,Thursday April 2 is my first come back trumpet lesson and I have so many questions for my teacher cant wait feel like a kid again Anthony

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    Re: come back player

    Me too, came back to the fold in Setember of 2006 after 30+ years......better for it, great bunch here to help you through it....welcome......bests, chuck
    "I don't take my music lightly, I want it crushed by the horn section."

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    Re: come back player

    Hi All. New member to this site and also a comeback player. Glad to see the support by multiple from other CB players. I never knew I missed making music so much!

    Is there a particular 'Topic' or 'Heading' for us old guys to post in? Would the moderators consider a 'Come Back Player' section?

    I do think our discussions are often different from the new player and certainly the Pros. It would be nice to have a first place to check for information.

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    Re: come back player

    Anthony -

    Welcome aboard from yet another Comeback Player! Patience and practice - and like the other folks said - get in a group - I just did and it really helps pull and push you along! Great that you're doing the lessons - very different as an adult - you can set your goals - can better explain to your teacher on where you want to go - what you want to achieve and focus on. Its a lot more fun!

    Kanstul 1525 Flugel
    Yamaha Bobby Shew 6310Z Flugel
    1967 Getzen Eterna (my 2nd - still going strong after all these years)
    1961 Olds Special (my 1st...battered, bruised, & passed around but back home)

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    Re: come back player

    That's awesome, Anthony. Welcome back and I hope you really enjoy yourself here with the rest of us "come back players." And, like the other folks suggested, let us know how the lessons go. I came back about a year ago, but am seriously considering some lessons as I want to target certain problem areas in my playing(!).

    Good luck and have a blast!

    1964 Conn Connstellation 38B
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    Re: come back player

    Anthony...welcome to TM! I'm also a comeback player, and can tell you first hand that lessons are the best investment you'll ever make! I've had six lessons since returning to the trumpet/cornet--and I'm already sounding better than ever and doing things I once thought were impossible. I did my first ensemble work on trumpet in over 20 years last week and did well enough to get invited to another ensemble at a local college.

    There's good advice and encouragement free for the asking here at TM, and it has greatly enhanced my trumpet/cornet playing experience. I never knew it could be so much fun!
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