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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Comebacker Progress- Expectations? in the General forums; Originally Posted by crowmadic Richard Oliver, Can you tell me where G5 G6 and C6 are located? I'm sure they ...
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    Re: Comebacker Progress- Expectations?

    Quote Originally Posted by crowmadic View Post
    Richard Oliver,
    Can you tell me where G5 G6 and C6 are located? I'm sure they are above the scale but am wondering if they are as high as those numbers would suggest? If so, I guess we're talking MF and Arturo Sandoval as a couple of examples. I hope that's what your referring to so I can eleviate any concerns of every reaching those notes. I get a strange feeling between my legs and my temples just thinking about the possibility.............BRAVO TO YOU.............tom


    Here's the Scientific Notation Chart I used:

    All the Best,


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    Re: Comebacker Progress- Expectations?

    Richard, Thanks for leading me to the Scientific Pitch Chart. If I'm reading it correctly your "owning" some pretty high notes. I think I hit some of those babies for a second before the dizziness set in....tom

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    Re: Comebacker Progress- Expectations?

    Quote Originally Posted by BobD View Post

    Do you mean that the 3C is good to start on but isn't good to stay on? If so then why?
    A 3C is not a bad start for "coming back". It is big enough to get a reasonably big sound, not so big that range is a serious issue, and not so radical that getting used to it would be a problem. It has a cup that is deep enough for swollen chops, so even when your face is beaten up, sound still comes out.

    Whether or not ANY mouthpiece is for eternity, I have my doubts. This does not mean search for the holy grail, it means keep an open mind, analyse your playing from time to time and if you see an opportunity take it. If you want to play lead in a big band, a smaller (or shallower) mouthpiece would probably not be a bad consideration. If the solo trumpet position in the Philadelphia orchestra opens up, the 3C probably would not give the size of sound expected.........

    Once your playing has become "predictable" and reasonably "consistent" it is possible to talk about the options - which are not necessarily new hardware!
    Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

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    Re: Comebacker Progress- Expectations?

    Your comment about playing with swollen chops made me laugh! I over did it last night, and the 3c let me continue on with swollen lips. Also, you comment on the sound is true. My sound is really not too bad for a newby.

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