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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Competitions for Old Guys in the General forums; Is there such a thing as competitions for older trumpeters that are not professionals, but in the amature ranks? Trax...
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    Competitions for Old Guys

    Is there such a thing as competitions for older trumpeters that are not professionals, but in the amature ranks?


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    Re: Competitions for Old Guys

    Quote Originally Posted by trumpettrax View Post
    Is there such a thing as competitions for older trumpeters that are not professionals, but in the amature ranks?

    Yep Trax, easy. Get your trumpet, stand in front of a big mirror, play your heart out and see which of the two of you is the better player, has the better tone, the more relaxed stance, the more attractive stage presence. Just a hint though, give the other bloke a wink, it will put him off.

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    Re: Competitions for Old Guys

    Hi Trax,
    There are plenty of Brass Bands that have Competitions, or regional comps.
    Check out your local bands, and see if you measure up for a Chair.

    I am not aware of any Comps for us Oldies; money and comps are better invested into younger players starting out. We oldies, just need to prove it to ourselves.... and the old saying I have read here many times "The Older you get, The Better You Were."

    I belong to a well established Concert band, and we have a Friendly Competition each year, involving 5 bands. It is to give the younger players a chance to play with older players, and there are two Combined band songs played. There are no Awards as such.

    Here's an extract from a couple of years ago:
    The 11th annual Festival of Bands was held on Sunday 9 September, 2007 at Westbourne Grammar School. Five bands participated, playing a range of challenging symphonic band music - Werribee Junior Concert Band, Hobsons Bay Concert Band, Westgate Concert Band, Westbourne Symphonic Band and Werribee Concert Band. Our Critical friend for the day was Simon Brown, currently Head of Upper Brass at Caulfield Grammar School. His role was to listen to each band, make comments about their performance onto CD and then workshop the band on stage. He made an outstanding contribution to the Festival!

    As well as performing in their own right, members from each band joined one of two combined bands. Simon rehearsed both combined bands at the start of the day and conducted each in performance to conclude the Festival. The "friendly" Festival was managed on the day by Westgate Concert Band. The Friends of Music at Westbourne provided the catering and Werribee Concert Band looked after recording the feedback onto CD's for each band. The Music Department of Westbourne co-ordinated the venue and facilities. The Festival of Bands was a fine example of co-operative community music making!

    The calibre of music and difficulty is different for each band. It gives each player a chance to hear other bands, and get feed-back. For the past 2 years we have had a seperate performance night (2 weeks after the work-shop), and you can hear the improvements. No awards, but very Rewarding.

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    Re: Competitions for Old Guys

    I do believe that the National Trumpet Competition has a slot for older amateurs. Check their website.

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