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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Compression? in the General forums; Originally Posted by missmybaby My Conn 80A has worn valves, and I really like the way it slots loosely. I ...
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    Re: Compression?

    Quote Originally Posted by missmybaby View Post
    My Conn 80A has worn valves, and I really like the way it slots loosely. I can tell I am wasting some energy in blow-by, but the sound is so nice. I have a King Master that has really worn valves, it's miserable and needs a valve-job badly. I could put the face time on the horn and maybe learn to live with it (using heavy oil), but it's just too much effort. Obviously the horn was a player at one point in time, so when I have the spare cash, I will invest in the valve replating. So, some loss in compression is ok, but I believe there is a point of no return.

    On a side note...
    Frankly, it doesn't sound as if the Master Cornet is being held for investment purposes, and shouldn't. There are beat up models of it from all years that come through ebay. The valves are quite standard on those horns, especially if you get the same year range. It would cost you a great deal less to buy a horn for the valves and keep the old ones if you wish. as an aside, I have a few Masters as I find them fabulous cornets (prefer all brass too)..and none of them have what appears to be ANY wear on the valves. In fact they appear to be all nickel if not nickel with a nickel plate.. Mirrors all.

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    Re: Compression?

    Don't wake the Zombies (shhhh)
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