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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Concert Etude Fast or Slow? in the General forums; Originally Posted by rowuk Put your thinking cap an! What are auditions for? To find out the limits of a ...
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    Re: Concert Etude Fast or Slow?

    Quote Originally Posted by rowuk View Post
    Put your thinking cap an! What are auditions for? To find out the limits of a player? Not in my book. The show off is the player that I do NOT want.

    I listen to figure out if the player has any common sense, musical taste, humility, confidence, rhythm and enough chops for the job.

    If you have the Concert Etude under control at quarter=185, go for it. You'll smoke most of the professionals that I know. It better be metronome perfect if you do it though. A couple of bars of "WEAK" (any of us that have played this know which ones that I am talking about......) shows that you do not have a good grip on common sense, rhythm, musical taste and that humility is missing. It also means that your confidence is misplaced. Chops alone does not get you a spot in the orchestra.
    Is it this part? YouTube - Goedicke Concert Etude for Trumpet and Piano

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    Re: Concert Etude Fast or Slow?

    Musicality first - speed, and showing off needs to be left at the same table as ego! Tempo needs to be consistent with a metronome - so let the harder section dictate where your tempo is. By slowing down, you may actually find more dynamics in your playing!


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    Re: Concert Etude Fast or Slow?

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    Re: Concert Etude Fast or Slow?

    listen to rowuk - they want to hear music not technique. I know two pianists who can sit down and play most charts set in front of them and to the non-musician they sound great. these to pianist sound mechanical to those of us that know a little about music. I don't know the piece but I'm just an old man who never amounted to much but I enjoy listening to music not just notes played technically correct.
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    Re: Concert Etude Fast or Slow?

    Wise words told to me:

    "Never play anything faster than you can"

    (also never play anything LOUDER than you can)

    Guy Clark

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    Re: Concert Etude Fast or Slow?

    Quote Originally Posted by tipo mastr View Post
    I'm assuming you're talking about the goedicke concert etude.

    I would play it at what ever tempo you can make the most music out of. It was my allstate piece this year, and for a while i tried to push myself to play it at 152, but after a little while of that, I decided to play at around 140ish, and the audition went really well.

    If it helps, I've heard several recordings of it, and I haven't heard anyone play it at 152 or faster.
    If you have a accompanist, make sure they can play it faster. It's a tough one for them. A local high school player in my area couldn't double tongue it slower as well so he pushed the tempo up. The pianist, a good player, was struggling. Also, he received negative comments for exceeding the written tempo. FWIW.

    Great piece. Fun to play.
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    Re: Concert Etude Fast or Slow?

    Thanks everyone!
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